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Rock The Cradle

Hello Sammy, Carolyn, Lauren and Nancy.
How about for Rock the Cradle we non-stop shoot photos directly into instagram of kids holding their custom made message sign with Monster in the background. Tightly cropped highly orchestrated perfect shots that will go live as we shoot.






Happy Multicultural Children's Book Day!



Today is Multicultural Children's Book Day! We invite you to invest in a mighty future by celebrating and advocating for inclusive representation and cultural insights found among the pages of diverse children's books.

This Week: Seaver in Korea, New Author Website, and a Blossoming Partnership With a Local Non-Profit


Our Imagination Reaches New Corners of the World

Seaver crawled his way over to South Korea!



Ellen Fischer: Children's Book Author by Day, Web Savvy Columnist by Night

This Week: Rave Reviews, Cover Voting Giveaway, and Upcoming Author Appearances


The Ugly Dumpling 


Publisher's Weekly and Booklist review this modern fairy tale about a loving friendship: 

This Week: Awards, Features, Videos and MORE!

Every day at Mighty Media Press, we deliver captivating books and media that ignite a child's curiosity, imagination, social awareness, and sense of adventure.


Seaver the Weaver wins Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award

A Year in Review: Mighty Futures Matter

Mighty Media Press Takes a Fond Look Back on 2015

Awards Galore!

A Storm of Awards Hits Mighty Media Press in 2015!

Award organizations across the country are acknowledging our titles as captivating books that ignite a child's curiosity, imagination, social awareness, and sense of adventure. See which titles are recent winners or finalists below.

Soundtracks for BOOKS?!

Mighty Media Press is now partnering with Booktrack

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.42.33 PM

Booktrack is revolutionizing reading the same way the introduction of sound


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